Burg Wachter

From domestic crafts to modern industrial production

The history of the manufacture of padlocks in Westphalian Wetter-Volmarstein can be traced back to the year 1750 when "lock making" was a traditional craft. Even still at the turn of the 20th century there were countless small family businesses in Volmarstein where locks were made. Industrialisation and the introduction of larger factories grew the trade internationally, and the reputation of Wetter- Volmarstein as "lock-town" then spread throughout the whole world. 

In 1920, Alfred Lüling founded a trading company, which initially took over the exclusive distribution in Germany from the then leading lock manufacturer BURG. Though they had to cease trading temporarily during World War II, his three sons joined the company in 1950 and, at the same time, changed its name to BURG-WÄCHTER.

BURG-WÄCHTER uses advanced industrial production capacity, but the care of the craft tradition has been preserved. This is the secret to high product-quality. Today the company is managed by the 3rd generation and the 4th Generation is learning for the future.  

Our team looked at multiple safe ranges on offer and quite simply BURG stood out by a mile. We now have two display stands in the showroom, showcasing the 'Combi-Line' and 'Point Safe' ranges, so pop in for a look and one of the team will talk you thorough the multiple options.

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