We offer a full and completely bespoke design and installation service in conjunction with all three of the ASSA ABLOY leading brands offering the Cliq solution. These are ASSA, ABLOY and MUL-T-LOCK. 

This product range has already proven to be a great success in Education, Health, Government and Utility sectors.

A member of our Cliq installation team can come to your Office, Hospital, College, University..etc and provide you with a comprehensive demonstration on the benefits of this new range. We can then offer you a free of charge trial of a small system so that you can gauge if this new system will be of benefit to you without any expense. If at any time of of the trial you feel that this isn't what you have been looking for we will come and remove it.

Please contact us on 01179358300 to arrange a visit to one of our current fully operational sites to see a system in full working order. 

Below is what all three manufacturers say about this new and exciting product range. 


CLIQ™ Remote combines

mechanical and electronic security

ASSA CLIQ™ Remote has been developed with a focus on the customer’s

remote security, administration and bottom line. CLIQ™ Remote is aimed

at customers who need to change authorisations relatively often, and need

mechanical security. The system is designed with the advantages of both

access control and mechanical key systems, making it more cost effective.

CLIQ™ Remote makes it possible to give one person — regardless of

location, anywhere in the world — remote access to a building. It also

offers the option to decide the time of day an issued key will start and stop

working, as well as in which doors.

CLIQ™ technology increases

security and provides traceability

Security is compromised from the time a key is lost or stolen until either

the key is found or the cylinders have been replaced. CLIQ™ Remote

solves this problem because the system can automatically remove the

authorisation remotely. A key that is not updated after a period of time

set by the administrator loses its authorisation and security is restored.

The key becomes useless.


Without a patented security solution, no master key system is secure.

That's why ASSA CLIQ™ Remote has a strong patent that protects you from

keys being illegally copied throughout the time that the patent is valid,

making ASSA CLIQ™ Remote an optimal security system throughout its



CLIQ technology has been developed by the ASSA ABLOY Group. This technology is applied in the best cylinders of the Group, eg. ABLOY PROTEC² CLIQ disc tumbler cylinder products.

CLIQ is a technology that brings together and integrates the very best of electronics and mechanics. It combines proven mechanical ABLOY PROTEC² locking solutions with low-power electronics. The mechanical lock guarantees physical security, while the micro-electronics provide flexibility and a unique electronic key code for every lock.

The strong DES encryption  (64 bit) and the bi-directional communication creates secure, altering codes. Several billion unique identification codes for the CLIQ key and CLIQ cylinders can be used.      

The achieved truly intelligent key system means that you can lock your door or application knowing that no unauthorised person has a key that can open it.


Mul-T-Lock CLIQ® is a High Security electromechanical locking solution that gives you real control over all your access points. It allows you to communicate with your entire locking system through micro-technology that is embedded into cylinders, padlocks and keys. As a wire-free system, CLIQ is easily deployed without the need for any special preparation. Its simple design and intuitive interface allows you to enable and disable authorizations as needed and even for specific time periods. And through its reporting and audit features, you’ll know who went where and when.
It is also very flexible, with a wide range of system management options, in addition to being easily incorporated with Mul-T-Lock’s High Security patented mechanical platforms MT5® and Interactive®+, and WatchLock®, an intelligent High Security alarm padlock.

Known for industry innovation combined with decades of worldwide experience, Mul-T-Lock uses advanced technology to enhance every aspect of access control and lock system security with flexibility, convenience and High Security. Depending on your environment’s specific needs, the CLIQ platform can be managed in a variety of ways including remotely and from your computer. 

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