InstaCode Live is now the most comprehensive knowledge base for locksmiths in the world. Created 20 years ago, the technology has been designed by locksmiths to provide a practical and comprehensive business tool that will help you run your business more efficiently and unlock new profit.

It's already been recognised as the only key code tool you need, with over 132 key blank manufacturers, 8000 key code series, 70,000 references, and more than 3 billion key codes in the database. Now, we can easily access that information 24 hours a day, from potentially anywhere, and know we've always got the very latest information at hand thanks to InstaCode Live. The program is constantly evolving to include the ever increasing bank of information we need.

Please see below for comparison. Does your key in question look like any of the examples? Does your key have letters and numbers stamped on the head of the key? All of this information is invaluable to us to provide you with correctly cut keys.  

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